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Awarded Grants

The Florida Academic Cancer Center Alliance has established a collaborative pilot awards program. The intent of this grant mechanism is to foster new collaborative projects involving the Moffitt Cancer Center, the University of Florida Health Cancer Center and the University of Miami Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center. This opportunity is designed to further build collaboration amongst the three centers, each of which is providing funding for the awards. Each proposal requires strong, meaningful collaboration by investigators from at least two of the three centers. These pilots should ultimately result in collaborative extramural grant applications/awards and/or clinical research studies.

Florida Academic Cancer Center Alliance  Collaborative Grant Awardees 2017
Moffitt PI UF PI Sylvester, UM PI Project title 
Quinn, Gwendolyn, PhD Schabath,Matthew, PhD Markham, Merry Jennifer, MD

Hicks, Amanda, MA, PhD

Seay, Julia, PhD

Schlumbrecht, Matthew, MD, MPH

Developing Provider-Focused LGBT Communication Skill Building for Oncologists
Giuliano, Anna PhD Shenkman, Elizabeth, PhD Jones, Patricia, MD, MSCR Florida Increases Rates of Screening and Treatment of Hepatitis C Virus (FIRST HCV)
NA Sayour, Elias, MD, PhD Gilboa, Eli, PhD Preventative vaccination against neoantigens in MRD and premalignant settings
Permuth, Jennifer, PhD, MS                            Malafa, Mokenge, MD, FACS Trevino, Jose, MD Merchant, Nipun, MD The Florida Pancreas Collaborative: A Partnership Dedicated to the Early Detection and Prevention of Pancreatic Cancer
Forsyth, Peter, MD NA Kasahara, Noriyuki, MD, PhD Virotherapy Combination Strategy for Glioblastoma


Florida Academic Cancer Center Alliance  Collaborative Grant Awardees 2016 
Moffitt PI UF PI Sylvester, UM PI Project title 
Chellappan, Srikumar, PhD Law, Brian, PhD NA Targeting mitotic functions of TBK1 and Cdk2 to combat cancer
NA Huang, Suming, PhD Xu, Mingjiang, MD, PhD The role of HoxBlinc INCRA in NPM1 mutation-mediated pathogens of myeloid malignancies
NA Renne, Rolf, PhD Mesri, Enrique, PhD Oncogenic role of KSHV micro RNAs in cell and animal models of Kaposi’s sarcoma
List, Alan, MD,

Wei, Sheng, PhD

NA Hudson, Barry, MD

Lippman, Marc PhD

RAGE signaling through the inflammasome: novel combined inflammatory therapeutic targets in cancer
Smalley, Keiran, PhD Licht, Jonathan, MD Harbour, William, MD Defining and targeting the epigenetic landscape of uveal melanoma
Vadaparampil, Susan PhD, MPH DeGennaro, Vincent, MD Hurley, Judith, MD  George, Sophia, PhD The effect of Immigration on the development of breast cancer in women of African descent


Florida Academic Cancer Center Alliance Collaborative Grant Awardees 2015
Moffitt PI UF PI Sylvester, UM PI Project title 
Egan, Kathleen, ScD Yaghjyan, Lusine, PhD NA Gut microflora and estrogens: a new paradigm for breast cancer risk reduction
Lynch, Conor, PhD Daaka, Yehia, PhD Burnstein, Kerry, PhD Role of AVPR1a in metastatic castration resistant prostate cancer
NA O’Dell, Walter, PhD Takita, Christine, MD Modeling the patterns of breast cancer early metastases
Permuth, Jenny, PhD

Malafa, Mokenge, MD

Trevino, Jose, MD Merchant, Nipun, MD The Florida pancreas cancer collaboration: a partnership dedicated to the prevention and early detection of pancreatic cancer