Florida Academic Cancer Center Alliance

As institutions funded through the state’s Florida Consortium of National Cancer Institute Centers Program, the state’s four premier cancer centers — the University of Florida Health Cancer Center, the Moffitt Cancer Center, the University of Miami Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center, and the Mayo Clinic — comprise the Florida Academic Cancer Center Alliance.

Catchment Areas

In an effort to serve every Floridian, the alliance has divided the state into geographically defined ‘catchment areas’. These areas are set along county lines, and based on the area that each Cancer Center serves with the research it conducts, the communities it engages, and the outreach it performs.


The Florida Academic Cancer Center Alliance co-directors provide executive-level coordination for the alliance, fostering trans-state research collaborations to promote excellence in cancer research for Florida’s residents.

Partner Institutions

The alliance encourages and promotes collaborative research conducted by researchers at its partnering institutions — the UF Health Cancer Center, Moffitt Cancer Center, Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center, and the Mayo Clinic. It also supports workshops and meetings to encourage the exchange of information and networking among researchers.

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The mission of the Florida Academic Cancer Center Alliance is to expedite innovation in the area of cancer research throughout the State of Florida and maximize state investments in biomedical technology and research.


  • Support broadly based, multidisciplinary research programs with well-defined major objectives or themes;
  • Create synergies and collaborations between UF, UM, Moffitt and Mayo cancer researchers;
  • Stimulate applications for future program-type federal or national extramural funding;
  • Address research questions that can only be accomplished through collaborations, networks and consortia.
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