The Florida Academic Cancer Center Alliance fosters coordination and research collaborations at the three partner institutions. This research is designed to benefit all of Florida’s residents while promoting excellence in cancer research.

FACCA REsearch

Funding Opportunities

Funding opportunities are offered on a regular basis to members of the three partner institutions. Each funded project requires strong, meaningful collaboration by investigators from at least two of the three centers to receive funding.

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Awarded Grants

FACCA has awarded grants to Florida researchers since 2015. Funds are allocated per researcher at the different institutions, allowing larger, multi-center research projects to receive more funding.

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FACCA research

Research Reports

Starting in 2017, FACCA and the participating cancer centers write and submit a report to the Cancer Control and Research Advisory Council in the state of Florida. These reports are published every three years and contain specific metrics on cancer mortality, funding, and published cancer-related research in the state.

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